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Company History


Emaar Jazan Company (EJCO) was formed in 2007 as a sustainable and continuously improving contracting company with an objective to provide reliable and quality services to clients, fostering lasting relationship with the Government and build trust with trade contractors, suppliers and employees.


EJCO was the dream of Mr. Ali Mana Al-Mesaed and Mr. Samir Ahmed Ali Sahli and drew heavily on their intellectual and funding capabilities and has today resulted in a growing and expanding firm. In the last few years, EJCO has experienced massive expansion and has proven itself through various public and private sectors projects. Our propensity to face and adapt to heavy competition and emerge as one of the most credible contracting company is what differentiate us.


EJCO operates by both directly participating in the tendering process of large projects and also through strategic alliances. We are one of the few companies that can successfully undertake projects through out the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.