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With reference to EJCO HSE policy, EJCO General Manager here by gives the AUTHORITY TO STOP WORK to all EJCO employees and subcontractors involved in the projects regardless of position level, in the presence of Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions and / or issues that pose an Imminent Danger to Life and Health.

Every employee is given the right to stop his work, or his co-workers work without fear of reprimand. He shall report to his supervisor the cause of the stop work and shall only resume upon confirmation that deficiency or unsafe condition has been corrected, rectified or the hazard has been minimized to a level reasonably acceptable.



Safety Training Program

This program describes the health and safety training requirements of Emaar Jazan Company (EJCO) and is issued for use by the project management to plan and conduct the health and safety training needed to underpin the requisite safety awareness of the employees to eliminate or control health and safety risks.

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